Rider of Nataliya Yeremenko for giving presentations
and holding workshops

This rider has been prepared with the purpose of improving the quality of the organized events. It includes all necessary details and requirements for the master from the organizers.

The inviting party provides the master and master’s assistant with the following:

1. Transportation. Tickets and transfer service from and to the airport.

2. Accommodation. At least a 5-star hotel with breakfast located within the minimum walking distance from the venue of holding the event.

3. Equipment at the workplace which must be in accordance with the necessary requirements and standards of the industry.

4. Model for the live demonstrations is provided by the organizer. A photo of the models face has to be sent to the master at least 1 week prior to the event.

Requirements for the model:
a) Age up to 35 years
b) No previous permanent make-up
c) Own brows are light and sparsely (thin)
d) Skin without allergic reaction or redness
e) Selection of the form or color not debated with the model

5. Organizer guarantees the comfort and safety during master’s work:
a) It is prohibited for the technicians to approach too close to the working area of the master
b) Lightning at the work area must be sufficient.
c) The organizers provide a procedure bed, working chair for the master, two portable cosmetology lamps, table with wheels, electricity near the working area and solid water. Everything else necessary for the procedure will be provided by the master.

6. Assistance during interaction with the participants.

7. Translator with good language skills – from russian to desired language

8. Event will be held within agreed time frame. Every extra hour will be charged separately (250 € /per hour).

Master’s performance during a conference

Theoretical part
Presentation on one topic / 1 hour
Price: TBD.

Practical part
Live demonstration on a model / 2 hours
Short training videos
Paper board explanation
Price: TBD.

Master’s performance during practical courses
Conducting master classes for small groups and up to 30 people. Terms for bigger groups will be discussed separately.
Students practice on latex
The master provides training materials and certificates in digital form. The organizer takes care of the printing.
1 Workshop day / 6-7 hours including a lunch and one coffee break.
Price: TBD.

Terms of payment

1 part 30% advance payment at least 2 months before the event.
2 part 30% will be made right after the master has checked in the hotel.
3 part 40% will be made after the end of the masters performance.

Download document: Rider_of_Nataliya_Yeremenko.doc

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