Are you or is someone you care for dealing with alopecia areata? We can help!

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Hair loss can occur gradually or suddenly and can affect people of all genders or ages, including very young. Such a change in appearance often has a heavy effect on the psychological state of a person.

Creating hyper-realistic eyebrows with permanent makeup can help a person regain self-confidence. In our studio, such a procedure is carried out by the author of the unique W-Brows hair-stroke technique, world-class master and trainer Nataliya Yeremenko. For clients with alopecia, the procedure of creating hyper realistic eyebrows is completely free!

“When after the procedure I see how the client’s appearance has changed, when a person looks at themselves in the mirror and their face lights up with joy, when they say to me,“ Thank you, I can recognize myself again ”- this is the best possible reward for my work! " – says Nataliya Yeremenko, who has performed this procedure for dozens of clients from all over the world.

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Alopecia is a dermatological pathology which implies hair loss in particular areas or all over the body. The most common reason for alopecia is

the androgen-dependent hereditary disease, in the development of which dihydrotestosterone plays the main role. This form of alopecia can eventually affect up to 80% of white men in their 70s and about half of all women.

Other causes of hair loss include:

  • The effect of drugs, including chemotherapy
  • Infections
  • Systemic violations
  • Alopecia areata
  • Stress

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